Jul 21, 2012

Sooooo Happy

Soooo Happy I was able to get my blog Back!!!!!

Nov 29, 2011

Most precious things in my Life

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How grateful I'm to have these amazing people in my life. What have I done to deserve such a blessing. I don't know, but I'm very grateful that the Lord thinks I deserved it. I tell Greg that Doche is blond like him, but he has my deep brown eyes!

Nov 26, 2011

Our Anniversary !!!

November 15Th was ours Anniversary "20 years" Uau doesn't seems that long! We build a life together, a home, a family :)
I was talking the other day with a friend that soon I'll be more American than Brazilian in years, because in heart, I'll be always Brazilian. When I say that it doesn't means that been Brazilian is better than been an American, it just the way I'm, my personality, that side open and relax to see life, to live life I guess.
I'm saying that because if you know Greg and I you know that we are the Sun and the Moon, night and day, and it's amazing how we get along and complete each other. I love Greg so much and he's my soul mate and I know he loves me just crazy the way I'm, because I know there it's not too many normal things about me, even though he says he wouldn't change anything in me, maybe my love for shoes, clothes...
We went out for the night and we had a great time, we talked about year by year and the things that happened in each one, vacation, accomplishments, kids. We love our little family and we are very proud of it. We know that starting next year we'll be spending more with Cody in College, then mission, then is Chad's turn.....so we need to be more careful with money...
I didn't have the wedding of my dreams, but I married the guy of my dreams. So we are going to have all this on my 50Th b-day, we'll have a DJ and we won't dance the valsa, but Greg will have to dance a samba with me, I have a year to teach him. That will be amazing if I can achieve that.
Greg is such an amazing guy, I wish I didn't live so far way from home, but I don't believe in the whole Brasil would have anyone that would make me as happy as Greg does. So it worth the sacrifice.

Nov 24, 2011

Next will be "Tati's 11th B-day"

Never ends...... Now I'm planing Tati's b-day party,her b-day is Dec 06, but her party will be on Dec 10th. She wants a movie night, so I'll make it like Hollywood style. It will be cute. She'll like it. I already know what cake I'll make and I'm working on the decoration.

Chad's 16th B-day

We had pizza,few others appetizers and I made 60 pasteis de queijo,carne and palmito and they're gone and Chad's friends didn't eat. They're sooooo good. A little of Brazil every time :)

Chad's 16th B-day

Chad is 16TH, time flies.......so Chad told me for sure he would have 4-6 friends coming, he wanted pizza, soda, junkie food and play video games with his friends in the media room, cool with. So I ordered pizza and stayed in the backyard with my friends, saw some friends here and there, went up few times. When I asked him to come down to sing happy b-day about 30 kids came down, so all his friends from football came, do you know how much those kids eat????? Thanks goodness we had enough food, I don't know if there was enough pizza, but at the end everything was good and he had a great time. Kids!!!!!

My 49th B-day

Uau 49!!!!One side of me feel great, I'm 49, I have a handsome husband,4 beautiful kids and a sweet dog, other side of me say, ok,ok, but you're getting old, and I don't want to get old. Oh well part of life. Really??????
I had a great time with my sweet friends, I really cherish my friends, they know me and accept me the way I'm, I like to be around people that I can be just me.
Nothing is perfect in this life, I'm not perfect, I think I'm so fat, my life it's not perfect, my kids are not perfect and that's okay.
No I'm not perfect, but I'm happy most of the time and I have fun, I really enjoy life and my family :)